Tuesday, May 17, 2016


A draft direct to web of what will become a short valuable article inside our private news web (offshore-bitcoin.com); take delight, and dive right in, whilst you still can; you may only be able to BUY this information from us in a short time as above, included with our private web or as a download special report!

Offshore Basics

Free Start - taking bitcoin in

  1. Take in Bitcoin including 55 Altcoins hassle free BTC auto-converting on smart-coin contract coins!
  2. Send automatically toi Wallet & Exchange Seat (USA) for exchange trading (Forex) or see next!
Free Start - taking currencies in

What to do with your bitcoin earnings?

Mining Basics

We like to mine smart, and mining smart at the moment, is to mine altcoins automatically converted and paid back out as the way paid in ... using BITCOIN

Free Start

Free 15 KH/s << our personal favourite; Hashocean
Offshore Mining Contracts (Bulgaria) GigaHash

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Dare You?

Dare You?